Croco 1/72 SK-5 Hovercraft
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DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Short run resin kit


The Saunders-Roe SR.N5 (or Warden class) was a medium-sized hovercraft which first flew in 1964. It has the distinction of being the first production-built hovercraft in the world.

A total of 14 SR.N5s were constructed. While Sauders-Roe had developed and produced the type, an additional seven vehicles were also manufactured by Bell Aerosystems under licence in the United States, designated as the Bell SK-5. A number of SK-5s were operated by the US military, this includes a number which became Patrol Air Cushion Vehicles (PACV), and saw action during the Vietnam War.

In addition to the US and UK, one was used by Brunei and one by the Canadian Coast Guard.


Croco continues to provide kits of subjects that are interesting and unusual, and this is a prime example. This is one of their larger kits in terms of size and is molded in nicely done resin. As you can see from the images, there are over forty parts to this one. However, it is also quite complete and offers optional air bags. One is molded deflated as when the engines are turned off while the other is provided in an extended position as it would be when under power.

This particular boxing is for the single item operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. As such, it differs from the previous US military boxings and that includes no photo etch, which will please some modelers who do not like this material.  Instructions consist of a number of photos of the completed kit as well as a parts layout. The photos show where all the parts are to be installed. Probably not as easy as standard instructions, but not impossible and after all, this kit is only for experienced modelers. The decal sheet is nicely printed and while no color info is provided with the instructions, the box top photo does provide color photos to help you out with that. You can also find images on the net to help you out.


This is another interesting subject from our friends at Croco and one that will really add some interest to your display shelf.


June 2022

Thanks to Croco  for the review kit. You can find this kit on line by doing a search. You can also contact them direct at

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