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Scott Van Aken


Another oldie but goodie from PL


Allow me to show my age. I used to read Dick Tracy in thenewspaper with religious fervor. Undoubtedly one of my top choices when it cameto the comic section. Somewhere between high school and the Navy, I stoppedreading the paper. Not sure why, but there it is. When I returned to it, DickTracy was gone.

Tracy went to the moon before Armstrong. He had antigravity. Hehad a wrist cell phone years before the things became the popular annoyance thatthey are today. He also had quite a surrounding of unusual and rather oddfollowers and foes. I mean really, B O Plenty?!

Of all his gadgets, the neatest one is the magnetically poweredspace coupe given to him by the moon people to help him fight earthly crimes.This baby needed no fuel as it used Magnetic Power to enable it to traverse thedistances on Earth and to the Moon. Don't remember if he used it to go muchfarther, but perhaps that would have been stretching things a bit. Simply byturning the gizmos on the end of the stalks that jut out of the front and rearof the ship, it was able to provide the directional control needed. 


Typical of Polar Lights products, it is made in China, whichmeans that it comes in a box sturdy enough to stand on without damaging theinterior bits. It is also molded in a light tan plastic, similar to the other PLkits I have built. I can't tell if this is a repop of the Aurora kit or not.Polar Lights has recently obtained the Aurora name and will be able to redo allthose great old Aurora kits that we boomers remember building as a child.

Anyway, If it is using those old molds, it is in superb shape.There is no flash and only a few tiny sink marks near the alignment pins on themain cylinder. Actually the fuselage is of a conical shape as the front issmaller in diameter than the rear. There are few parts to the kit and notransparencies. This might be cause for concern to a few. Well, if you want aninterior, you have lots of room to indulge your scratch-building skills. As youcan see, 80% of the parts are for the thrusters and their attachment arms.

The thrusters are designed to swivel in their mounts, if sodesired and that about does it for operating features. There is a very nice basethat can be painted your favorite Moon color and there are four figures; DickTracy, Diet Smith, Junior and Moon Maid. No scale is given for the kit, butjudging from the size of the figures, it is around 1/72 or so.

Instructions are typical of Polar Lights in that they look likeold Aurora sheets. Pretty basic, but enough to be able to do the kit. There aredecals for the big POLICE markings on the side. Naturally it is to be paintedyellow!

I really wish PL wouldn't do kits like this, as they seem to forceme to spend money on them. I must confess to a weakness for this kind of stuff!Naturally, it headed for the top of the build pile.

Because of the simplicity of the kit, it is recommended for all.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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