Federation Models 1/1400 Romulan Snipe

KIT #: FM-G28
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES:  Resin


The Snipe-class was a Romulan frigate starship in Imperial Star Navy service in the 23rd century, becoming active on stardate 2251.0. The Snipe vessels were built on the standard small bird-of-prey hull spaceframe.The vessels crewed 10, with space to carry 4 marine troops for deployment. Additionally, the Snipe was loaded with a single standard personnel transporter and also a single tractor beam. A berth for one Romulan shuttlecraft was standard to these vessels.

The basic Snipe (Snipe "A" configuration) had a plasma torpedo launcher and two phaser emitters. The vessels were defended by standard deflector shields. In most cases, a cloaking device was outfitted.


When it comes to science-fiction models, there are a plethora of scales in which kits are produced. Two of the more popular scales are 1/1000 and 1/1400. These are perfect for many subjects as it provides a nicely detailed model that doesn't overwhelm your shelf space.

Due to their small size, they generally do not have a lot of parts. Such is the case with this one. There are six pieces to the ship itself. Included is a resin display stand and a section of brass/bronze on which to mount the finished model.

Included with the kit is a very colorful decal sheet. This sheet appears to be either Alps or laser printed. If the latter, then they will need to be put over a light surface to keep the decal visible. The instructions recommend an overall light grey. An interesting note in the instructions are that 'You may paint all parts prior to painting'. I'll definitely take this advice.


It looks like it will make a nice model and be an interesting deviation from my normal genre of model building. I'd like to thank my friend Kevin for giving this to me as a present and look forward to giving it a try.



January 2023

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