LVM Studios Shuttle Launch Tower detail set 3

 In 1986 Revell released one of the most complex model kits ever. It is a real collectors kit and high prices (US$200 and up) are paid. 2 versions were available, with (4911) and without the full stack Space Shuttle (4910). The kit was released by Revell Germany and Revell USA. The 4911 kit had a limited reissue (600 pieces) by Revell GB in 1994. At this moment it is not known that Revell will reissue the kit, but hopes are high that it may be released late in 2012.  

The LC39 detail kits represent the shuttle launch tower (LC39A & B) in the beginning of the shuttle era. Through time numerous things have changed and/or have been added to the launch complexes, for example the weather protection system and the renovation of the elevator shafts.

Scale problems are known for this kit, actually 1/160 while the box indicates 1/144. LVM Studios could have designed a complete new Shuttle launch tower model due to the scale problem but we decide to design detail sets in which you can detail the Revell model kit. Once build with or without the detailing sets it is a really impressive model even with the scale problems.

LC39S3 provides a single etched fret that gives you parts to detail the hammer head crane.

As you can see, you get a single fret that provides various girders and stairs as well as a new lower platform for this crane. This is not a replacement set, but an enhancement set.

The fret comes with a CD that provides detailed instructions with lots of photos to be sure that you get everything in place. This set is 15.75 Euros and is available direct from Those living outside the EU will not have to pay the 17% VAT so that helps to make it less expensive.

If one wishes, you can order all three sets for a single lower price of 140.00 Euros. That is set LC39S123 and is really just what one should get in order to make a masterpiece from the old Revell kit. Here is a hyper-link to set 1 and set 2. Again, that price includes VAT.

It is a superb set and I can tell you that there are others on the way for some more classic real space kits.

January 2012

My thanks to LVM Studios for the review set.

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