Models Park 1/72 Medieval Cottage

KIT #: 72010
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES:  Vacuformed Plastic.

Here is a neat diorama accessory. Models Park does about a dozen of these vacuform cottage kits, each a little bit different from the others, but all about the same size. I assume this is as much for wargaming as it is for the diorama builder. These kits are really nicely done and consist of two large and two smaller vacuform sheets.

On the right is the framework for the roof. It will take a bit of time to cut away all the little rectangles to provide the framework, but it will make things very nice if you plan on having the door open so that the inside can be seen. On the left you see the two pieces for the thatched roof and the floor of the building. I would imagine that if you keep the interior closed up, that you could install these without having to install the framework. You will, however, have to cut open the window pieces. A separate door is provided if you want to have that item open. The other parts are the end and side walls.

The kit does come with instructions, though most of us won't really need them. For those 1/72 builders who model the eastern front, these houses are very much similar to what the peasants lived in during this time period so would not look out of place at all.

June 2020

Thanks to Croco for sending this along. You can get these buildings direct from Models Park. Visit this link for more info.

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