Tamiya 1/48 German Heavy Tractor SS-100
KIT #: 32593
PRICE: 1530 yen from my favorite Japanese on-line shop. (1700 yen SRP)
DECALS: Four options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2017 tooling


This is a Hanomag tractor and is the military version of a civilian truck as you'd see in today's semis. The SS-100 is the military version of the 4x2 road heavy tractor Gigant SS-100, equipped with 6-cyl. 100hp 8553cc Diesel engine, with towing capacity of 20 tons. (1936-1944). These were built in 2 and 4 door versions.

 The four-door version has a double cab, which could carry a crew of five or six and the two doors a crew of three. Production of the SS-100 was continued from 1936 to 1944. The basic design continued to be produced after the WWII as the ST100 and ST100W including some of these tractors were used by the French Army. 
      The Hanomag road tractors of all sizes were very popular as fairground transport well into the 1960's, because his power, reliability and robustness. In short words, the Hanomag SS-100 tractor was a civilian vehicle that was pressed into military service.

     Both the Army and Luftwaffe units used it. The Luftwaffe units used it primarily for towing airplanes, bombs, and gasoline trailers. The V2 units used it for towing the “Vidalwagen” which transported the V2 rocket from the railhead to the launch units’ preparation facility. It was also used to tow the Meillerwagen, which transported the V2 rocket to the launch site and erected the rocket. Additionally, the Hanomag was used to tow other trailers such as the B-Stoff trailer. The SS100 was used in many different Theatre of Operations.

Apparently Tamiya's 1/48 military kits are doing quite well. This one, if the part number is an indicator, is #93. Tamiya is fond of tan plastic for a number of its subjects and this one provides four sprues and a body in this color along with a clear sprue for the windows and such.

The chassis includes the bottom of the engine and the driveline onto which the suspension bits are attached. The running boards and front fenders are a single part. Once the rolling bits are attached (plastic tires on this), the various additional parts like fuel tanks and the large towing  unit are then glued on

Since this is the four door version, you get a front and rear bench seat. You get a hefty steering column and the gear changing assembly for the interior. No pedals. One also needs to install the driver before attaching the body as the doors are all molded closed. There are three window assemblies; one for the windscreen and one for each side. On the back of the body one attaches the spare. This assembly is then glued to the chassis.

The rest of the build includes all the lights, bumpers, a large tool box and fuel tank. This kit also has an aircraft tow bar. It looks to be designed for their He-219 and simply clips in place. Perhaps it could be used on tail wheel planes as well.

Instructions are well done with the usual Tamiya paint references. There are three markings options. One is the box art truck in panzer yellow with green splotches. The other three are in Panzer Grey and differ only by license plates. I did not show the decals as they are simply plates and instruments.


Not your usual subject, but then these guys did a bulldozer so I guess it isn't all that weird.



February 2018

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