Takom 1/72 Hanomag SS100 w V-2 and Meillerwagon.

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2017 tooling


The Hanomag SS-100 is the military version of a civilian truck as you'd see in today's semis. The SS-100 is the military version of the 4x2 road heavy tractor Gigant SS-100, equipped with 6-cyl. 100hp 8553cc Diesel engine, with towing capacity of 20 tons. (1936-1944). These were built in 2 and 4 door versions.

 The four-door version has a double cab, which could carry a crew of five or six and the two doors a crew of three. Production of the SS-100 was continued from 1936 to 1944. The basic design continued to be produced after the WWII as the ST100 and ST100W. Some of these tractors were used by the French Army. 
      The Hanomag road tractors of all sizes were very popular as fairground transport well into the 1960's, because of their power, reliability and robustness. In short words, the Hanomag SS-100 tractor was a civilian vehicle that was pressed into military service.

     Both the Army and Luftwaffe units used it. The Luftwaffe units used it primarily for towing airplanes, bombs, and gasoline trailers. The V2 units used it for towing the “Vidalwagen” which transported the V2 rocket from the railhead to the launch units’ preparation facility. It was also used to tow the Meillerwagen, which transported the V2 rocket to the launch site and erected the rocket. Additionally, the Hanomag was used to tow other trailers such as the B-Stoff trailer. The SS100 was used in many different Theatre of Operations.

Many of us built the old 1/69 Revell V-2 with Meillerwagen back in our youth and some of us again when we were older. It was a neat kit that had a goodly number of operating features as you could raise or lower the mounting assembly and the work platforms as well as the clamps for the missile. It also had the launch stand. It did not come with anything to tow, it however.

Fast forward 50 years or so and there is now a replacement for that kit from Takom. This one does include something to tow it with, but is devoid of the operating features.

The first four pages of the instructions are on the building of the SS100 prime mover. This is the four door version and comes with a fairly well detailed chassis and an interior. Tires on this and the meillerwagen are of a black vinyl, which makes it easier to paint the wheels. In fact, one should paint most of these parts prior to attaching the wheels and glass to make things easier.

The rocket itself is a fairly simple construct, consisting of around a dozen parts. Same goes for the launch base. Where you spend most of your effort is on the meillerwagen.

As implied, none of the parts move so you need to make a fairly early choice as to whether you want this model posed in tow or ready to launch. The main reason for that is the the erection pistons are provided as either fully extended or fully retracted. Based on that, you will have other optional bits and pieces that are used in the construction of the kit. As neat as it would be to have it partially erect as shown on the box art, that isn't going to happen unless you modify some pieces.

You will notice that there is a photo etch fret. Well, this is used exclusively on the meillerwagen. The majority of these parts are for the various handholds/steps that go up the side for the crew to climb to help get the rocket ready for launch. In the older Revell kit, these were all plastic and inevitably several would be broken either removing them from the sprues or cleaning them up. P.e. pretty well eliminates that issue. In addition to the hand holds, you have a side ladder and a small box made from this material.

Instructions are very well done and provide lots of information, including optional bits. All of the colors are in Mig references, though those who have built German WWII equipment will have no issue finding paints that are easier to source. There are no decals provided, though some were certainly present on the real deal. There are multiple camouflage options for the truck, wagen and the rocket. One I found interesting was an overall olive green for the truck. I should mention that the camouflage patterns for the V-2 are only shown for one side. This makes for a proper painting of some of the options rather difficult as both sides were not the same. However, I'd think that you could find these schemes in their totality on line.

First off, this kit is not inexpensive, but then what is any more. Secondly, there are a goodly number of parts inside which have the possibility of making the kit fiddly to build. However, I have built two Takom kits in my day and found both of them went together well so that should alleviate any concerns one would have. I realize that not everyone is interested in this sort of kit, but I am and those who are also fascinated by the world's first long range guided ballistic missile will want to consider this kit. 



May 2019

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