Hasegawa 1/24 Pkw.K1 Kubelwagen type 82
KIT #: 24503
PRICE: 2500 yeh SRP
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2004 release


The Volkswagen Kübelwagen (a back-formation as literally, 'tub' car,previously mostly used for rail, industrial or agricultural hopper cars) was a light military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen during World War II for use by the German military (both Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS). Based heavily on the Volkswagen Beetle, it was prototyped as the Type 62, but eventually became known internally as the Type 82.

Kübelwagen is a contraction of Kübelsitzwagen, meaning 'bucket-seat car' because all German light military vehicles  that had no doors were fitted with bucket seats to prevent passengers from falling out. This body style had first been developed by Karosseriefabrik Nikolaus Trutz [de] in 1923. The first Porsche Type 62 test vehicles had no doors and were therefore fitted with bucket seats. Mercedes, Opel and Tatra also built Kübelsitzwagen.

The vehicle was widely used and along with the Schwimmwagen, was probably Germany's most produced military vehicle. It is basically the equivalent of the US Army's Jeep. The type was built in a bewildering number of variants and dozens have survived the war.


Aside from 1/72 scale and the few 1/48 vehicles built to go along with aircraft kits, Hasegawa has never really gotten all that involved in doing military vehicles. They have, however, a fairly extensive catalogue of car kits and perhaps one should fit this one in with those.

One expects quality molding from Hasegawa and you get it. This is not a curbside and comes with a full engine. In fact, building the engine/transaxle is the first order of business. This is then attached to the floorpan along with the rear suspension. The front suspension is then constructed and attached to the front of the pan.

The instructions then move you on to building up the engine compartment which is then attached to the body sides along with the rear fenders. The front fender assembly, body and engine cover are then attached to the pan. Once the exhaust is installed, then the interior is built up. Two separate front seats with a bench rear seat are installed along with the pedals and shifter. The very basic instrument panel is glued to the 'hood', which fairly much completes the main part of the vehicle.

The rest of construction has to attaching the engine cover, skid plate, tires and wheels, bumpers, headlights, pioneer tools, doors and windscreen. The kit provides the option for top up or top down and you have a driver figure if you wish to use it.

Instructions have the usual Gunze paint references and the decal sheet provides basically plates and other data markings for three vehicles. All three are a base of panzer yellow with one having broad areas in panzer brown and green. The other has airbrushed squiggles in those two colors.

While I doubt this will be a big hit with the armor crowd, those who like to build cars will find it to be a nice addition to their collection and something a bit different from their Toyotas and Mustangs.



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