Great Wall Hobby 1/35 Maybach HL42 TURKM Engine

KIT #: L3518
PRICE: $19.98 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: New mold kit


The Maybach HL 42  is a six cylinder, in-line, water-cooled engine that delivered 100hp. Displacing 4.2 litres, the engine produced it top power at 3,000 rpm, so it was not a high winding engine at all. It had a compression ratio of 6.6 to 1 and had a single barrel Solex carburetor. The low compression is undoubtedly to allow the engine to handle the low octane fuels that were found in Europe. The TURKM engine was used to power a variety of vehicles, including the SdKfz 250, SdKfz 251 and SdKfz 11 as well as several other vehicles.  


This kit from Great Wall Hobbies (part of the Lion Roar group) is not designed for any particular kit. In fact, few if any 1/35 kits that use this engine are designed for an engine, so the builder is going to have to delve into some serious construction modification to use this engine. However, is should be well worth the effort. The GWH engine is superbly molded and comes complete with engine accessories and fan driven radiator. The tiny etched set is used for some plumbing fixtures and the data plate. No decals are provided and the construction and painting instructions are on the back of the box. Gunze paint references are provided and indicate that the engine is basically Steel with silver trim.  


Nice to see stuff like this. It is a great addition to those who want to add more detail to a kit or have it in a diorama display. I can see the possibility of someone wanting to do a display of engines in this scale and it would be a nice one to do.


Box top.

February 2010

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