Fine Molds 1/35 Type 94 6-wheeled Truck

KIT #: FM 31
PRICE: $81.00 MSRP
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: New mold kit. Also available in hard top


Before WWII, Japanese commercial trucks were very poor and IJA could not rely on them for military service. So, IJA supported private motorcar companies and made them develop a military 6-wheeled truck. It was the Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck. Type 94 Truck was reliable and had a good performance. Type 94 was produced in the largest numbers among the Japanese trucks and used widely until the WWII ended.

This 1.5 ton vehicle was built by Isuzu from 1934 and was available in both gasoline and diesel variants. Top speed was 60 kph. There is actually very little to be found about this on the 'net.


Fine Molds has a well earned reputation of producing well engineered and detailed kit. This one is no exception. Molded in their usual tan plastic there are seven sprues, including a clear one. The kit is a curbside, which means there is no full engine included. It does, however, come with a full suspension and this is well detailed. It also has a fully detailed cockpit, which is, of course, right hand drive. About a third of the construction steps are dedicated to building up the truck bed, which has many braces and brackets. The bed is open without a canvas top. I should also mention that the tires are plastic so no worries about how to deal with the vinyl ones when it comes to painting.

Instructions are very well done with 21 nicely drawn construction steps. They are mostly in Japanese with only a few notes in English, though this won't be an issue for most of us. The paint references are Gunze and Tamiya colors with generic color info provided. There are three markings options which only vary by the license plate provided. All vehicles are in standard IJA brown. One is the box art vehicle from the 7th Tank Regiment in Luzon during 1942. Others are 1st Motor Regiment in Nomohon during 1939 and the other is 1st Independent Infantry Regiment, China 1937. The small sheet is very well done and should provide no problems.


It is great to see WWII era Japanese trucks being developed by the various kit companies. This one is particularly well done and should prove to be popular. I know it has been added to my 'to be built' stash of trucks.


August 2010 

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