Dragon 1/6 British Welbike

KIT #: 75034
PRICE: $29.29 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: New Tool Kit


The Welbike was a British single-seat motorcycle devised during World War Two at Station IX the "Inter Services Research Bureau" based at Welwyn, UK, for use by Special Operations Executive (SOE). It has the distinction of being the smallest motorcycle ever used by the British Armed Forces,. Between 1942 and 1943, 3,641 units (plus a prototype and some pilot models) were built and although it was not much used by the SOE, some were issued to the British 1st and 6th Airborne Divisions and some were used at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.

The Italians, Germans and Americans also developed small motorcycles for their airborne forces during World War II.


This is one of Dragon's 'accessory' kits designed to be used in conjunction with their 1/6 military figures. The Welbike makes an interesting addition to their British airborne figures and like just about all of their 1/6 scale kits, is not difficult to build. The parts are superbly molded and, for the most part, pretty good size. This one is no exception with two standard plastic sprues as well as some parts in their DS plastic. These latter parts consist of the tires and the chain. A piece of shaped wire is also included, though exactly where one end of it attaches is a bit of a mystery.

As you can imagine, much of the kit is devoted to building up the engine. Around this is attached the frame with the front fork/handlebar assembly making up the rest of the kit. Instructions are three well drawn steps with detail images that cover one side of a sheet of paper. Painting info is with Gunze paints and this is basically British OD with black seat and handles and a silver chain, though I think that a darker color like steel might be more appropriate for this item. No decals are supplied though from the history, these did have a painted on serial number.


For those who like interesting kits and like working with fairly large parts, this one should be considered. It will make for a most unusual model.



June 2012

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