Dragon 1/35 5cm Pak 38 auf Pz.Kpfw.II (Sf)

KIT #: 6721
PRICE: $76.00 SRP
DECALS: Twoptions
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Short run with photo etch and resin parts


Conceived along the same lines as the Marder II, the 5 cm PaK 38 was an expedient solution to mount the 50 mm antitank gun on the Panzer II chassis. However, the much greater effectiveness of the 75 mm antitank gun made this option less desirable and it is not known how many field modifications were made to this effect.


Dragon continues to produce kits of various modifications of the basic panzers, this time producing a kit of the Panzer II SPG variant with the 50mm Pak 38. Both the Panzer II and Pak 38 have been kitted before by Dragon so it was a relatively simple matter to combine the two into this vehicle.

This does not mean that all the bits are from extant kits as this version required a new upper hull structure and a new gun mount This necessitated at least one new sprue and the requirement for the builder to modify some bits and pieces.

In line with their other Panzer II kits, this one has a full interior sans engine but with the driver's compartment, transmission, radio racks and other fighting compartment equipment. The new upper hull contains new fenders, several new storage racks for shells and new items on the rear engine deck. A small photo etch fret contains things like brackets, muffler shield and a portion of the left forward gun shielding. DS tracks are used in lieu of individual links or the link and length options found on some other kits.

Instructions are a bit busy but well drawn and indicate any modifications you will need to make as well as holes that might need opened or filled. There are three camouflage schemes shown, all unidentified units from 1941-1943. One is overall panzer grey, one overall panzer tan, and one in grey with a winter white-wash. The small decal sheet provides insignia.


Overall it makes for a very nice kit of one of a seemingly endless conversions done by the Germans during WWII. Since it is based on the Panzer II, it is a vehicle that will not overwhelm your display shelf, yet provide another interesting subject.



August 2016

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