Dragon 1/35 SdKfz 10/4 fur 20mm FLAK 30
KIT #: 6711
PRICE: $70.00 SRP
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Smart kit


Germany fielded a wide range of halftracks during WWII. The Sd.Kfz.10, one of the lighter types, was conceived as a prime mover for small, towed anti-tank or antiaircraft guns. Measuring 4.5m long and weighing 4.9 tonnes, this Demag-designed vehicle had a payload capacity of 1 ton or eight troops. Power came from a Maybach 6-cylinder engine coupled to a transmission with seven forward and three reverse gears. Noteworthy is the fact that this halftrack type was the only one to employ a hull rather than a frame. Demag delivered the first vehicles in 1938, but eventually seven factories were involved in producing approximately 14,000 examples.

These vehicles were modified to perform a variety of uses. One of them was as a mobile A-A truck, sporting the Flak 30 20mm gun. This gun was relatively light weight and even testes as an aircraft mounted cannon in the He-112. Its down side was a rather low rate of fire and this was cured in the later FlaK 38.


It is not surprising that Dragon would continue with variations on the SdKfz 10 as it was used for a variety of purposes other than just hauling troops or light artillery. One of its early modifications was as a gun truck of sorts with the 20mm FlaK 30 AA gun. In this kit, you get exactly the same chassis and running gear as in the previous boxings. This includes a full engine and detailed interior.

Differences show themselves when it comes to the rear bed. In this case, it is all new tooling in regards to the mount for the Flak 30. Drop down side panels with etched screens are provided. These panels also include a few seats for the gun crew while they are travelling. A lot of detail goes into the gun and its mount, taking up a considerable number of construction steps.

In addition, the kit includes an ammo trailer. Apparently the ammo container can be removed and the trailer base used to mount the gun as the kit includes a set of ramps for this purpose. In addition to all this, the kit comes with a nicely done photo etch fret and a set of Magic Tracks for the running gear. Also provided are masks for the windscreen, a big help when it comes to painting.

Dragon's usual large instruction sheet is included with well drawn, but somewhat busy construction sequences. Markings are provided for two vehicles of unknown units in 1939 and 1940 so they will be in panzer grey.

I know that this will be well received as the few the LHS got in were quickly sold. Those wanting a nice addition to their 'Flak Truck' collection will be very pleased with this one.

November 2014

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