Dragon 1/35 25-Pdr Field Gun Mk.II w/limber &crew
KIT #: 6675
PRICE: $46.50 SRP
DECALS: For shells only
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Known officially as the “Ordnance QF 25 pounder”, this artillery piece was the workhorse of British and Commonwealth field artillery units during WWII. The name came from the fact that the weapon fired a 25-pound shell, and “QF” stood for “Quick Firing”. The 25-pdr entered service in 1940, and many consider it the best towed field gun of the war owing to its high rate of fire, lethal shell and good mobility. A total of 13,000 25-pdr guns were built worldwide, with the Mark II being the most common variant used in WWII. For transport, the 1,633kg howitzer was often hitched to an ammunition limber (known as the “Trailer, Artillery, No 27”)containing 32 rounds. Both pieces were then typically towed by a 4x4 Field Artillery Tractor. The six-man gun crew comprised the detachment commander, breech operator, layer, loader and two ammo handlers.


Both Dragon and Bronco have had kits of this gun in the past. This particular kit from Dragon also includes the limber and a crew, something that many builder will appreciate. I have to guess that perhaps the next addition will be to include the tractor, but that is in the future. Just like the gun-only kit, this one can be built in the transport or the firing mode. The choice for this needs to be made about half way through construction. The limber has a couple of options. One is to have it with the doors open or closed. The other is a choice of pintles. These limbers were frequently hauled in train with a couple or more hooked together. There are also two separate ammo cases for the limber than can be shows removed from the limber.

- Newly tooled 6 realistic 1/35 scale figures w/optional poses
- Brand new 25-Pdr. Field Gun Mk. II w/Limber
- Either firing or combat mode can be optionally selected
- Circular gun platform authentically detailed
- Detailed limber doors can be assembled open/closed
- Ammo box can be optionally installed
- Moveable breech mechanism
- Gun recoils can be pulled back and forth
- Ammo box w/photo-etched parts installed
- Ammunition w/separate parts
- Aluminum barrel w/hollow muzzle
- Gun shield molded w/rivet detail
- Components allow gun to elevate
- Includes tool boxes on gun trails
- Gun cradle and hand wheels w/well-defined details
- Beautifully detailed slide-molded gun trails
- Crisp rivet detail incorporated
- Separate tools are fully reproduced
- Nuts sharply represented on road wheels
- Tires made from DS

You can paint this either in a desert sand or a British army green. The desert one is from an unidentified unit in North Africa, and the green one is from the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in 1940. The small decal sheet is for the three rounds that are included with the kit and are part of the figures sprue. There are five figures as shown on the box art.

Artillery fans will find this one to be very nice. Unlike tank kits, this one is a mere 210 parts with many of those connected with the crew and the limber. Well worth the effort to make a nice model of this very useful British artillery piece.


Dragon USA

February 2012

Thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the preview kit. Get yours today at your local retailer or have them order it for you.

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