Dragon 1/35 VK.45.02(P)H

KIT #: 6657
PRICE: $59.00 SRP
DECALS: Two Options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: '39-'45 Series


There really isn't a ton of information on the Internet about this vehicle. Safe to say that this is a prototype for what became the King Tiger or Tiger II tank, differing mostly in the position of the turret. The turret is what is known as the 'Porsche' design turret, though in actuality, both Henschel and Porsche were provided turrets from Krupp for use in their prototype tanks.


Previously, Cyber-hobby released the VK.45.02 V kit in their limited run series. This is not the same kit, but does use some parts from that kit as well as the more updated bits from Dragon's Elefant and Ferdinand kits. There are a few areas of this kit that are noteworthy. First of all, it comes with a nicely done aluminum barrel. It also has the superb DS deformable styrene tracks that not only look very good, but are easy to glue and paint. Finally, this one has a more comprehensive etched fret than with most Dragon kits. Thanks to the DS tracks as much as anything else, the parts count is relatively low at a bit over 300. 

Here is a full list of features.

- Newly tooled upper hull w/details
- Photo-etched engine deck grills
- Interlocking plates realistically rendered on both hull and turret
- Detailed hull side molded w/weld seams
- Slide-molded lower hull w/bolt details
- Loader's hatch upgraded w/interior details
- Close-defense weapon can be assembled open/closed
- Upgraded frontal MG can rotate
- Set of on-vehicle tools comes without clamps
- Photo-etched on-vehicle tool clamps
- Rear turret hatch can be modeled open/closed
- Photo-etched parts for details of the rear turret hatch interior
- Delicate muzzle brake
- Bonus aluminum gun barrel
- Pistol port on rear turret hatch can be aseembled open/closed
- Pistol port comes w/chain when assembled open
- Photo-etched parts for additional plates on turret sides
- Multi-direction slide-molded cupola
- Cupola w/fine interior details - head pad and clear parts
- Separate commander's hatch swivel arm
- Delicately detailed suspension system
- One-piece DS tracks

The kit instructions are up to Dragon's usual superb standards with Gunze and Model Master paint references.There are 10 well drawn construction steps and the kit includes a small decal sheet. Apparently this tank was used in combat as there are two markings options; one in overall panzer yellow and another with large areas of green as shown on the box art.


While prototypes are not for everyone, this one is a most interesting kit in the development of the King Tiger. Thanks to its many features, it should make into a superb model and something a bit different from the norm.

March 2011

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