Dragon 1/35 8.8 cm Racketenwerfer 43 'PŁppchen' w Fallschirmjaeger
KIT #: 6528
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Seven figures and two guns


"PŁppchen" (German: Dolly) was the popular name for the Raketen-PanzerbŁchse 43 ('rocket tank rifle', abbreviated to RPzB), an 88 mm calibre reusable anti-tank rocket launcher developed by the Germans in the later years of World War II.

It was given to infantry to bolster their anti-tank capability. The weapon was fired from a small two-wheeled gun carriage (also fitted with skis for use in snow) which fired a rocket-propelled, fin-stabilized grenade with a shaped charge warhead. It was made in much smaller numbers than either the "Panzerschreck" , which was based on the American Bazooka or the Panzerfaust, which was a disposable recoilless rifle firing an anti-tank grenade.


This particular set is a combination of a couple of figure sets and a pair of "PŁppchen". One of the figure sets is #6070 and the other is marked at LG 40, which I think is probably part of a gun crew. The two rocket-guns appear to be brand new molds and both are wheeled versions. The figures come with a wide assortment of additional weapons (part of their Gen 2 line) so that you can customize things for your needs. There are also a pair of additional arms for use if desired. Included with the guns are a box holding two rocket rounds. A small etched fret is in with the kit for use as gun slings and their buckles.  All of the pieces are very nicely done and having two guns and, as is shown on the box art, one can be posed being pulled while the other can be set up in a firing position.  

Instructions are very well done with illustrations for constructing the guns and the usual build-up images for the figures, showing the position for the various gear. Color information by Gunze and Model Master paints.


A fine addition to the Dragon line of figures/artillery weapons and something that is a bit different from the norm. I'm sure you'll find a number of uses for both.



April 2009

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