Dragon 1/35 15cm s.IG 33/2(Sf) auf Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer
KIT #: 6489
PRICE: $80.00 SRP
DECALS: Insignia
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Smart Kit


the 15cm s.IG.33/2 (Sf) auf Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, which was a tracked infantry support vehicle. The gun mounted on a Hetzer chassis was the well-known 15cm s.IG.33/2 howitzer, Germany’s standard heavy infantry gun throughout WWII. Czech manufacturer BMM converted six vehicles and built an additional 24 based on the Bergepanzer 38(t) recovery vehicle from December 1944 onwards. This vehicle featured a raised superstructure, while the mount and shield for the s.IG.33/2 was the same as that used on a self-propelled howitzer based on the Pz.Kpfw.38(t) chassis. This was designed as a replacement for the Grille. 

Without a doubt, German WWII industry produced more limited production vehicle types than any of the warring powers. This was due as much to a limited industrial capacity (at least when compared to the US or USSR) and it led to a great deal of improvisation. Some of this went no where and some of it was quite successful.

This particular kit is another of Dragon's short production vehicles based on their recent Hetzer kit. As with a number of Dragon kits, it is a combination of two extant kits along with new parts to allow a specific variant to be modeled.

What has been done in this case is to add their very nice s.IG 33 artillery piece to duplicate this rare vehicle. This means new superstructure pieces and a new gun mount among the major additions to this one. The kit continues with the Hetzer's superb link and length track, which is preferred by many modelers. There is a nicely done ammo rack that can be modeled in two different variations.

The kit also includes a small photo etch fret for some details such as a muffler guard and a metal barrel for the s.IG 33. Photo etch is kept to a minum and is only used where it looks the best. The kit includes a full driver's position and transmission. Since it is open topped, there is a lot of sidewall detail with this one as well.

Instructions are nicely done and a bit busy so one will need to pay attention. The painting guide is for three vehicles, all from unknown units in 1944. One is overall panzer tan, the other in an 'ambush' scheme and the third with winter whitewash. The small decal sheet just provides insignia, though only one option shows them being used.

This is a nice addition to Dragon's Hetzer line and should make into a very nice model. At 270 pieces, the parts count is fairly low for a German AFV, and the nice tracks should help to speed up building.  

February 2017

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