Dragon 1/35 Panzer IV ausf F1

KIT: Dragon 1/35 Panzer IV ausf F1
KIT #: 6315
DECALS: Ten options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Smart kit


 Panzer IV is the common name of a medium tank that was developed in the late 1930s by Germany and used extensively in World War II. The official German designation was Panzerkampfwagen IV (abbreviated PzKpfw IV) and the tank also had the ordnance inventory designation SdKfz 161.

It was initially designed as an infantry-support medium tank (Begleitwagen, mittlerer Panzer), to work in conjunction with the Panzer III which was intended to engage enemy tanks. Later in the war it was up-gunned and up-armored and took over the tank-fighting role while Panzer IIIs were either put into infantry support duties or converted into other vehicles. The Panzer IV was the most common German tank of World War II, and was used as the base for many other fighting vehicles, such as tank destroyers and self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. The Panzer IV was the workhorse of the German tank corps, being produced and used in all theatres of combat throughout the war. The design was upgraded repeatedly to deal with the increasing threats from enemy forces. The Panzer IV has the distinction of being the only German tank to remain in continuous production throughout all of World War II, with over 8,500 produced from 1937 to 1945.

The Panzer IV ausf F1(of which 462 were produced in 1941-42) was identical in terms of armament and armor to the Ausf E version. The major difference is that construction was simplified by removing redundant pieces or combining multiple piece constructs into a single piece.


This is another of Dragon's superlative Smart Kit armor kits. It includes all the various bits and pieces needed to make an accurate representation right in the box. This includes a photo etch sprue for things like engine screens, and Dragon's excellent Magic Track individual track links in with the nearly 700 parts. Yup, nearly 700 bits and pieces, which it is why it is recommended for the more experienced modeler.

Using slide mold technology you get hollowed out gun barrels, multi-piece drive sprocket and housing, Accurate transmission housing, multi-part muffler, highly detailed commander's cupola construct, extendable jacks complete hull MG, full main gun that can be removed as on the real tank and a number of parts and pieces that can be displayed either open or closed. All of this detail and optional pieces are two of the main reason that Dragon has become the standard in many ways for armor kits.

The kit provides options for ten different vehicles as you can see from the color representations pulled from the side of the kit box. Though not in any sort of order, here are your markings options: 4./PzRgt 31 Russia 1942; 8.PzRgt 36 Russia 1941; 3./PzRgt 21, Russia 1943; Unidentified unit Kursk 1943; PzRgt 31, Russia 1942; 3./PzRgt 35, Russia 1942; PzRgt 'Grossdeutschland, Voronezh 1942; Major Szalimov's Battalion, Leningrad 1942, 4./PzRgt 5, Libya 1942 and 8./PzRgt Libya 1942. Decals ar nicely printed and should provide no problems. The kit instructions are keyed to Gunze and Model Master colors.


Another superlative kit that should provide many enjoyable hours of construction and painting. The end result will be a joy to show.



March 2008

Thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the review kit. Get yours today at your favorite shop or ask them to order it for you

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