Dragon 1/144 Panker Korp #4




$4.95 MSRP


many options


Scott Van Aken


Pz.38(t) and PzKw IV Ausf D


Wanna know about these two tanks? Go to and you'll find more  than you can imagine on the subject!


I'm always looking for something interesting and a bit unusual. This kit does fit the bill. What you get in here are two panzers for about $2.50 each. Really a bargain when it comes to models nowadays. That is, of course, assuming you have the digital and visual acuity to actually build these little kits. It comes packaged in what looks like a VHS video box with the kits themselves in depressed vacuformed packages.

What you see on the screen is pretty well full size. You get a PzKw IV Ausf D (on the left) and a Pz.38(t) (on the right). As you can see, they are both pretty simple kits with a hull top and bottom, tracks, turret and a small sprue with some of the other bits. The overall molding is pretty good, but the sprue is thick and so are the attachments. The detailing of the parts on the sprue is only fair with some rather large mold seams to have to remove from a few of the bits.

Included with the set are two small (of course, they are small: it is 1/144) frets. These parts are designed to either replace some of the plastic bits directly or to be attached after removing the injected sections. The instructions are quite good, though brief and consist of two construction steps and a painting guide. There is no mention of the etched bits in the instructions so these were undoubtedly a late add-on and the builder is on his own as to figuring out what is what and where it goes. A very large and comprehensive decal sheet is included and I'll bet that it is the same in all four of the sets that are currently on the market.


While these may not be everyone's piece of cake, there is a growing segment of the modeling public that likes the very small scale and this set just adds to the variety that is out there.

Thanks to Me for the review copy

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