Valkyrie Miniatures 1/35 Modern IDF Tank Crew

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Two resin figures

This is a new figure set from Valkyrie Miniatures out of Korea. The sample set was provided by HighCalibre Miniatures out of Canada. The set includes two figures. One is standing upright and comes with two separate arms and two optional heads, one of which has a helmet that covers the upper portion of the ear cups. The other figure has a single arm to be attached and also comes with two optional heads. This figure is leaning over a bit. Both have their hands flattened out. Each figure also comes with a resin base (at least I think that is what those resin squares are, though they could be briefcases for all I know).

The box top, front side, and inside of the box have a number of photographs to assist in painting. The figures themselves are flawlessly cast with the sort of detail one expects from a high end product. These are perfect for those modeling modern IDF armor.

My thanks to High Calibre Miniatures for the preview set. Get yours today at this link.

September 2014

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