Masaki Mizuhara 1/8 Marju with Fee








Scott Van Aken


Resin Japanese Garage Kit



In an earlier preview of a Japanese Garage kit, I discussed abit about Japanese Anime kits. At that time I mentioned that Japanese do nothave the usual overmuscled superheros that are commonly found in the US andEurope. Instead, most of the heros are women and often they are not only armedbut have familiars. In the case of this character, it is a pixie named Fee. Youwill also notice that the main figure is not human, but an elf. Again, a majorsubject of Japanese Anime (often called Japanime). 

Probably the major feature of Japanime is the eyes. These areoften quite large in comparison  to the rest of the body (but not always).Interestingly, the general features of Japanime women are Euro-American, and notJapanese. Not sure exactly why that is, but it is rampant throughout the genre.Another feature of these figures is that the hair is often an impossible colorsuch as red or purple or blue or green. It just seems to add to the unrealnessof the character and also gives it some interest. Rarely will it be blondeor  brown Frequently, the 'evil' characters will  have black hair asis befitting their disposition.


As is most common with Japanese garage kits, this one is made ofa white resin. The detailing is superb with little in the way of air bubbles andmold lines. For sure there are some resin blocks and flash that will needremoved, but this should be a minimal part of the kit. This one kit has separatelegs and torso. While test fitting has shown it to be well engineered, I can seethat I'll need a touch of filler on the joins.

Unlike the previous anime kit, this is one of the wide eyedvariety. Painting the eyes will be a difficult thing to do and will be paramountto getting the kit right. Another difficult assembly will be the axe. It has atwo piece handle that will need to be drilled out and a stub inserted to assurea proper fit.

Painting will be an interesting experience, however, I have seensome 'in work' shots of a figure similar to this being painted and the builderdid a lot of masking! Finding a base for this figure will also be needed asthere is no way it will stand on its own. A base is not included. 

Overall it should prove to be an interesting build. Hopefully, Ican accomplish it with minimal screwups!

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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