Hasegawa 1/72 Japanese Navy Airmen Set

KIT #: 35116 (X72-16)
PRICE: 1200 yen SRP ($16.00 shipped from Japan)
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2018 release


This is the latest release in Hasegawa's 'Aircraft in Action' series. This is a series of what are basically accessories, and most of us have at least some of them in the form of their weapons sets. This is their first figure set and it is for Japanese Naval Airmen.

The set consists of four sprues with separate heads and arms to fit on the different torsos provided. The majority of these figures are sitting as they are supposed to be installed into Hasegawa's kits of JNAF aircraft. I get the impression that these are, for the most part, bomber crewmen, as several of the poses included seem to be holding machine guns.

There are a total of 6 different poses that can be done by various combinations of heads and arms. 16 torsos are provided allowing 16 figures to be built. All of them are wearing kapok life vests along with the standard lined leather flying hat and large gloves. The kit includes a full painting guide using Gunze paints and the instructions are actually fairly basic. Examples of their use and nicely done color images are provided on the box top.


None of the figures are wearing any sort of seat belt/harness, which adds to the assumption that these are not fighter crew, but for multi-place aircraft. They make for a very nice addition if you are one of those who likes to have a crew for your aircraft and are worth seeking out. I do not doubt that we will see more similar sets for the IJAAF.

June 2019

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