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It seems that among figure builders, there are several categoriesthat seem to draw the most attention. Those are supernatural figures and figuresof women. This is hardly surprising as a vast majority of modelers are male(which accounts for the popularity of female figures), and most of us have beenbrought up exposed to a variety of media in which the supernatural is prominent.This accounts for the headless horsemen, vampires, ghosts, goblins, skeletalfigures and general ghouls. 

Amongst that list are harpies. These creatures are half womenand half bird or bat. From what I have read, they are generally horriblecreatures that do no end of mischief and have poor table manners at the best!Many of the popular fictions that include these creatures picture them as beingpart bird, more than often a vulture. However, among other writers, the harpy ishalf bat. Not sure which makes them seem more sinister, but either one makes foran interesting subject.

While these beasts are portrayed in books as being ugly, forvisual presentations, it makes much more sense to have them be somewhatappealing (at least in this reviewer's eyes). It also makes sense to have themthis way if you are going to create figures of them, otherwise they would havelittle chance of selling well.

Russ Mueller, the brains and artistry behind Dream MasterCreations, has done an excellent series of figures called the Harpies Lair. Thisset consists of a clock tower and three harpy figures, each in a different pose.The set can be purchased complete or each item separately. For the purpose ofthis preview, I have chosen just one of the harpy figures.


The harpy kit is superbly molded in the standard buff resin. Tryas I might, I could find no air bubble and no molding flaws of any kind. Thelegs and wings have positive attachment pins and the arms only fit one way.There are minimal spots on the parts where the molding blocks were so only somesmall amount of sanding is needed to remove those spots. Mold seams are nearlyinvisible and a quick swipe of sandpaper will make those disappear. There isalso a tiny amount of flash in the form of webbing between the claws of thefeet, but you may very well want to leave that there as it would not look out ofplace on a figure of this type.

The detailing in the parts is truly remarkable.As you can see from the image to the left of the surface of the inside of one ofthe wings, the carving and detail work is to the highest standard. It will onlytake a bit of wash and drybrushing to really make these details pop out on thefinished model.

An equal amount of detail is present on the rest of the figure.The artist has a superb eye for proper detail and from what I have been told,does not use photographs or other props when it comes time to do the molding ofthe body. As you can see from the image of the face to the right, there isnothing more that you could ask for in terms of the level of quality in anyother kit. I have seen a number of resin figure kits and these are among thebest I have ever seen.

Review kit courtesy of Sue. If you want more information onobtaining this figure or any others visit the website for Dream Master Creations. You can see an image of the entire set as well as price info by visiting this link.

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