Fantasmagraphics 1/6 John Doe's Bones 









Scott Van Aken




According to the letter that arrived with the figure, Fantasmagraphics produced garage resin kits back in the 1980s/1990s. Frankly, I wasn't into this genre at the time so do not remember them. Plus I was overseas a lot so not really aware of fantasy figures outside of those produced by Aurora.

Fantasmagraphics is part of the group that does Master Details so you can be assured of high quality in what is offered. Their first offering is John Doe's Bones which is basically a skeleton. The molding involved is actually quite good. There are no air pockets, which are often the curse of garage kits and would be a real challenge to deal with in a kit like this. There is very minimal flash (bone spurs), that can quickly be removed.

The kit comes complete with quite detailed instructions and removal of the parts from the sprues looks like it will be very easy and painless. Gone are the huge resin pour stubs of years gone past. This is also molded in a very nice grey resin that has a little flex in it so it isn't the super hard and somewhat brittle white resin I've seen in other US garage kits. Actually, to call this a garage kit is a bit misleading as the casting really is quite good. I doubt that they are slinging the mold in a paint can to get rid of air bubbles!

As you can see, it is quite detailed and comes with a standard buff resin base on which to place the completed figure. You can also pose this figure any way that you wish, so it is useful to include in dioramas. Like all resin figures it can be assembled with epoxy or super glue depending on which you prefer. Well worth picking up if you like these sorts of figures, and more are in the works.

March 2021

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Thanks to Fantasmagraphics for the preview kit. You can gets yours today at this link.

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