Fantasmagraphics 1/6 Conjured









Scott Van Aken



Fantasmagraphics is part of the group that does Master Details so you can be assured of high quality in what is offered. Their next offering is this one which can be used as either part of a larger diorama or as a stand-alone figure.

This is a six part kit with a complete 'tub' base and six other resin parts to make up the rim of the figure. Into this is place the clear resin center section. So well done is the casting is that these parts are pretty much ready to primer, paint, and assemble without the need to cut away large resin pour stubs that you often find with big resin kits.

These are well worth picking up if you are so inclined. They are superbly packaged to ensure that they arrive safe and sound. Give them a try, I think you will like them.

March 2022

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Thanks to Fantasmagraphics for the preview kit. You can gets yours today at this link.

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