Fantasmagraphics 1/6 Rat Pack 









Scott Van Aken




Fantasmagraphics is part of the group that does Master Details so you can be assured of high quality in what is offered. Their next offering is this neat set of three rats, each in a different pose. As with all their works, the molding involved is actually quite good. There are no air pockets, which are often the curse of garage kits and would be a real challenge to deal with in a kit like this. These have been cast in such a way that they are, for all intents and purposes, ready to primer and paint. re is very minimal flash (bone spurs), that can quickly be removed.

The set does not have instructions, but then you really don't need any for a subject like this. You can use the cover photo as a reference or if you wish to do a white or multi-colored rat, then there are a ton of images on the 'net that can be used for guidance. While these are designed to be used as part of a diorama, you can also use them as stand-alone figures.

These are well worth picking up if you are so inclined. They are superbly packaged to ensure that they arrive safe and sound. Give them a try, I think you will like them.

May 2021

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Thanks to Fantasmagraphics for the preview kit. You can gets yours today at this link.

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