Fantasmagraphics 1/6 El Diablo de Toledo







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Scott Van Aken




Fantasmagraphics produced garage resin kits back in the 1980s/1990s. During this time, which was before widespread use of the Internet, I was overseas a lot so not really aware of fantasy figures outside of those produced by Aurora.

Fantasmagraphics is part of the group that does Master Details so you can be assured of high quality in what is offered. This offering is a very cool vampire based on a hit man from a yet unpublished book by Stephen Venters.

The kit is not parts intensive, and comes with some really huge castings as you'd expect from something that is 1/6 scale. Two of the larger castings include the coffin and a very nicely done nameplate. I have a close-up of that included here for you to see the fine detail that has been cast into these pieces. Click on it to see a larger image.

Speaking of the casting, all of it is absolutely first rate. No air pockets or misaligned moldings that can often surprise a modeler. Of the ten pieces provided, the main body comprises five of these parts with the smallest pieces being a bow tie and the figure's fangs. A resin pillow is included to fit into the coffin.

Included with the kit is a certificate of authenticity along with a back story to the figure. In all, it makes for an outstanding figure for those who like high quality kits.

September 2021

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Thanks to Fantasmagraphics for the preview kit. You can gets yours today at this link.

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