Evolution 1/35 Soviet Soldier at Rest: WWII
KIT #: EM-35073
PRICE: Can $ 18.00 from www.highcalibreminiatures.com
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin

 Evolution miniatures has a very good reputation with the owner of the LHS, who tells me that they sell very well. Looking at this particular figure, I can see why.

This particular figure is a WWII Soviet soldier at rest. In fact, it looks like he is straightening his foot wrappings, which must be pretty ripe by now! It is a sitting figure so you'll need a bench or rock or something else for him to place his tush. The set includes the boot that he has taken off as well as his weapon which looks like a Lewis machine gun as it has the same sort of bullet cassette. I'm sure it is something else, but my knowledge of Soviet guns is pretty limited. I've been informed it is a Degtyarev machine gun.

The figure's arms and head are separate. the set also includes a pouch, a lanyard of some sort and the loose end of the wrapping for his feet.

There are no instructions as it is assumed none are needed. Only the box art painting to help in determining where everything goes. The web site for purchasing this figure has some additional images that you'll find useful. In all, a very nicely molded figure for those whose skill in doing these things exceeds mine!

August 2013

Thanks to High Calibre Miniatures for the preview kit. You can get this kit directly from the link.

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