Dragon 1/35 Battles of Smolensk & Roslavl - 1941
KIT #: 6791
PRICE: $21.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes DS parts

This latest set of figures from Dragon includs three figures in garb typical of the uniforms worn during the early days of the invasion of the Soviet Union. I am a bit surprised that you only get three figures, but such is the state of the hobby. All three figures have full weapons and the set includes some DS uniform pieces. These are not designed to be worn by the figures, but are additional diorama items that will add a lot to various scenes.

Typical of these sets, the instructions for assembly and painting are on the back of the box. All color references are with Gunze and Model Master paints. As usual, the molding is excellent and these should really add to any major work or even just by themselves.

November 2016

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