Dragon 1/35 2nd SAS Regiment w/Welbike and container

KIT #: 6586
PRICE: $13.50 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Premium Edition


Dragon has provided us with a nice new Premium edition kit that has some interesting goodies. First of all, the figures are the same as in a previous set, which is fine. There are the usual four figures all carrying carbines or machine guns. The figure in the crouched position can be modified to sucyh that he is opening the container and the set has additional bits and pieces to be able to model this.

What makes this particular set is that it includes a drop container and a Welbike. Now I have to say I hadn't a clue what this really was so looked it up in Wikipedia. It told me; "The Welbike was a British single-seat motorcycle devised during World War Two at Station IX the "Inter Services Research Bureau" based at Welwyn, UK, for use by Special Operations Executive (SOE). It has the distinction of being the smallest motorcycle ever used by the British Armed Forces Between 1942 and 1945, 3853 units were built and although it was not much used by the SOE, many were issued to the Parachute Regiment and used during D-day and at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden."

Well, that is how it fits in with this particular figure set. There are a whole new set of sprues for the container and for the bike itself. The bike sprue even includes some extra arms so that one can modify a figure as mentioned earlier. There is also a photo etch fret that includes straps for the inside of the container as well as a chain/sprocket for the bike. Instructions are well drawn and use both Model Master and Gunze paint references.


In all, it provides a rather neat figure set that includes some nicely done extras and all at a pretty reasonable price.

January 2010

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