KIT: Dragon 1/35 German Cossack Cavalry
KIT #: 6410
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Two figures with horses and photo etch bits


Not many mounted figure sets for WWII subjects around so this one is a bit unusual in this regard. There are two mounted figures and a plethora of added stuff to put on these figures. There are additional guns, rolls, saddle bags, pistols, canteens, ammo belts as well as a couple of new slide-mold sprues of guns and swords. Included is a photo etch set that has all the various harness pieces and slings for the rifles.

The detailing on these parts is really first rate, as you'd expect from a Dragon Premium Edition kit. While there is no construction manual with it (typical for figure kits) the full color painting guide shows where all the bits need to go and there are a few detail sections on it to help with getting the harness properly fitted.


In all an excellent choice for figures. These are things that will add considerable interest to a diorama or they will look equally nice displayed on their own.

November 2007

My thanks for the review kit. Get yours today at your favorite hobby shop or ask them to order the set for you.

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