KIT: Dragon 1/35 US Marines: Iwo Jima 1945
KIT #: 6408
DECALS: None provided
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo etch straps and additional detailed weapons.


Dragon has helped to make a name for itself by producing quality figure sets for the 1/35 enthusiast and this set continues that tradition. Included are two large and one small set of standard sprues along with two smaller more highly detailed sprues of weapons along with a photo etch fret.

There are four figures as shown on the box art and as one would expect, the molding on these is very good with minimal mold seam so clean-up will be pretty quick. As you might expect, there are really more bits than you'll probably use, but then again, looking at the parts placement/painting drawings, perhaps they will need all this stuff as the figures are pretty loaded down with gear.

In with this set is a flame thrower and bazooka along with a  number of weapons, probably more than will be used by these figures, so you will have spares. There is also an etched fret that is basically straps for the various weapons used by the figures.

There is no construction guide as one is normally used to with larger models. Instead, there is a full color painting guide that shows where the various bits and pieces are attached to the figure. This guide shows both sides of each figure so there is no doubt as to what goes where. As these figures have camouflaged helmets, there are two pattern guides provided for that as well. Paints pretty much look like Gunze and Model Master with some of the colors needing to be mixed.


Overall, a superb set of figures of the Marines that fought at Iwo Jima, and one that I think you will find a delight to assemble and paint.

July 2007

My thanks to for the review set. You can find these either on the Dragon USA website or at your favorite hobby store.

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