Go Nagai 1/8 Sorayama 'Cutie Honey'






Uh, yeah


Scott Van Aken


Resin with metal rapier blade



Cutie Honey is an anime character of both manga (comics) andcartoons. Like many Japanese heros, she has unusual powers and dresses inrevealing, skin-tight or almost no clothing. Everything that a female superheroshould be. Add to that the rapier that she carries to help fight evil andgeneral bad guys and what is there that one couldn't like about her. Oh yes, sheis also more well endowed than the average Japanese, which makes here even MOREappealing.

While transforming into her 'crime fighting' outfit, she managesto shed all of her clothing (which goes flying off in shreds) while spinningaround in a circle and chanting the usual catch phrase that eventuallytransforms here from mild mannered TV reporter into a nemesis of all that isevil. Cool stuff, eh?

Oh yeah, here's the kicker. While she appears to be a normalhuman, she is really a super-powered android fighting machine. Naturally shedoesn't initially realize that she's not human and that adds to a lot ofinteresting plot twists in the earlier episodes!


This is a semi-typical Garage Kit.The big difference is that it comes in a sturdy box, has instructions and theparts are well packaged from damage. There are only four parts to it (six if youinclude the base and blade) Initial inspection shows no real problems with thekit other than some flash which is normal. However, closer inspection shows thatthere are a few sunken areas that will need to be filled out and there are twoHUGE air pockets that are only skinned over on the top of the figures breasts.These will need to be opened up and carefully filled and sanded. The figure isalso missing a finger on the sword hand and there are some other air bubbles onthat particular piece. 

The head appears to be in perfectshape with no glitches, which is a great. Heads are the worst part of a figureto attempt any correction as hair and facial features are a real pain (at leastto me) to get filled and corrected. It seems almost that this kit is a recastfrom the amount of flash on it as well as the sunken in spots that would nothave been on an original run, however the packaging was such that I'm not reallysure.

Anyway, the kit is quite nice and will undoubtedly lookgreat when finished.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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