Bravo 6 1/35 US Army Infantry (2)
KIT #: B6-35051
PRICE: $36.00  High Calibre Miniatures 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Two resin figures and equipment

Over the years, I've seen quite a few resin figures and I'm always impressed when I see one that is particuilarly well done. So it is with this set from Bravo 6. These folks specialize in Vietnam war figures and sets and this is one of their sets. The molding is first class and I truly could not find a seam on either of the two main figures. You get the man with the machine gun (and M60 I'd say) and another carrying belts of ammunition as the M60 could fire a prodigious amount.

You'll notice that most of the figure's accessories are separate and this includes their back packs. Each of the sprues is identified as A or B where they are unique to a specific figure. These are all packaged in three zip bags which themselves are in a zip back. I saw no issues with breakage. Unlike many figures, this set comes with a decal sheet for the various rank insignia and badges and such. In all, it makes for a superlative figure set, one that I believe any Vietnam war modeler would want to have.

August 2013

Thanks to High Calibre Miniatures  where you can get this set from the link.

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