E-2046 1/8 Ichijou Mai
KIT #: FG 6665
PRICE: $52.36 which includes registered shipping from Hong Kong
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin kit


Mai FavoriteThis figure is the main female character in a Japanese ero manga by well respected and popular writer Gunma Kisaragi. The title of this volume is Mai Favorite. The cover art is shown to the right. You will notice that the figure itself is based on this artwork. As you can see, the figure is proportioned just like a typical Japanese female.......

Very brief synopsis:

Shoutarou inherits a mansion with unusual maids from his grandfather. Now he must choose which maid will be his exclusive attendant. (Trouble is, he's already very interested in one maid--while all the other maids are vying to be appointed his exclusive attendant...). Hey, it could happen.


 Typical of E-2046 resin kits, the molding is superb and totally devoid of any molding issues. No air bubbles or even large seams or pour stubs. E-2046 removes just about all seams prior to packaging and the pour stubs are reduced to tiny items that are easy to remove. As a warning to those who might wish to try one of these kits, the pour stubs should be sawn away as cutting them risks producing a 'divot' in the resin to which they are attached.

Over the years, their packaging has evolved quite a bit. They used to be shipped in plastic tubs with the parts individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Now they have switched to more eco-friendly cardboard containers and have been double packaging those containers, with the inner box wrapped in bubble wrap. The parts, at least in this kit, have not only been bubble wrapped separately, but also put into segmented polybags. This is all nested in more bubble wrap. This prevents any part from banging into another where it could possible be broken. You can see this in the accompanying image.

The major parts have keyways to ensure a good fit. This one comes with a base, which is rather unusual for these sorts of figures. Another nice touch is that decals are provided for eyes. This part seems to be the most difficult for many to paint so I am sure they will be welcome. No instructions are provided, the photo and parts layout are pretty much it, but most can figure where the bit are to be attached.


Depending on how much effort one puts into painting, these can be either rather quick builds or can take some time to finish. I do acknowledge that not everyone likes things like this, especially since there are so few, percentage wise, who like any sort of figure. However, there is a reasonable market out there for these sorts of things and if you like the subject, then you really should give one a go.

July 2012

Thanks to me for providing you a look at this one.

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