E-2046 1/6 Misato in Plug Suit

KIT #: FG 5600
PRICE: $49.95 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
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Misato Katsuragi(葛城 ミサトKatsuragi Misato?) is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise created by Hideaki Anno. She is the operations director at Nerv, initially with the rank of captain; she is later promoted to major. In Rebuild of Evangelion, Misato's rank is lieutenant colonel in Eva: 1.0, later promoted to colonel in Eva: 2.0. Her duties at Nerv include acting as a field commander for the Eva pilots, issuing orders and relaying battle strategies as well as processing input from Ritsuko Akagi and the technicians monitoring the Evas. She also handles many bureaucratic aspects of Nerv's operations.

At the beginning of the series, Misato first brings Shinji Ikari to Nerv and is able to convince him to pilot the Eva Unit 01. She then chooses to have Shinji move in with her rather than live alone, and later takes in Asuka Langley Soryu. As the series progresses, through her former lover Ryoji Kaji she learns the truth behind the Human Instrumentality Project and the depths of deception that Nerv and Seele have gone to keep the Project secret, even from her.

The plug suit is embedded with sensors that more readily transfer the muscular motions of the pilot to the mecha in which the pilot is placed. The 'plug' is the environmental capsule for the pilot and is filled with an oxygen enriched fluid that helps to protect the pilot from the shocks and jars of operation of the mecha.


E-2046 is based in Hong Kong and specializes in resin anime and robot figures. As such, the quality of their products is about the best there is. In all the figures I have bought from them, 99% are totally devoid of air bubbles, air voids, short shot parts, and the parts are even cleaned of mold seams for the most part. Only tiny pour stubs are on any of these kits, making clean-up an absolute breeze.

As you can see, this kit is comprised of ten resin parts. The torso and one leg is a single piece with the arms and other leg as well as the head slotted in place with large and unique tabs. Parts installation is along normal lines in clothing so generally no filler is needed at all. This figure has an alternate breast covering or it can be left off as the builder so wishes. Hair is a three piece construct and generally, if any mold seam cleanup is needed, it is here that one will do it.

This is part of E-2046's ORI line of in-house developed figures. As such, it comes in a sturdy cardboard box with large full color images to assist with painting. An exploded view of all the parts is includes as are generic instructions on assembling these kits in English, Japanese, and Chinese. The parts are all sealed in several bags which are then placed in bubble bags and then wrapped in more bubble wrap. The cardboard box in which it is mailed is couched in a plastic container and isolated from the sides by sections of foam. Only once have I gotten a kit with a broken part and that was very easily repaired.


I know that anime figures are not for everyone, but they are a lot of fun to build, are relatively easy to construct and provide something interesting and different from the norm.



January 2011

Thanks to me for this one. Try one of these out. I think you'll be pleased.

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