Alpine Miniatures 1/35 Max Wunsche: Normandy
KIT #: 35157
PRICE: Can $ 18.00 from
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin


 Alpine Miniatures has a very good reputation amongst armor modelers and those who like to build dioramas. The LHS sells a lot of them and once you have a chance to see one close up you will understand why.

This particular figure is apparently someone of note, though I'm not sure who he actually is. I do know that he has the Iron cross and since that was rarely given to enlisted men, he must be an officer of some sort.

The kit contains a full torso with separate arms,side arm and optional heads. One is wearing a forage cap and the other is bandaged.   There is a small mold seam running up the side of the heads and the rest of the pieces, but it is quite small and should be easily removable. No instructions are provided and none are needed on a figure this simple. The box artwork gives you a painting guide showing a completed figure by someone with a lot more skill than I!


For those into doing dioramas and looking for a pose that is not frequently provided by kit supplied figures, the Alpine Miniatures line is one you should seriously consider.

August 2013

Thanks to High Calibre Miniatures for the preview kit. You can get this kit directly from the link.

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