KIT: Anigrand Craftworks 1/72 YF-93A
KIT #: AA-2039
PRICE: $44.00 from Nostalgic Plastic
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin kit with vacuform canopy


One of the biggest problems with early jets was that they lacked sufficient range to properly escort bombers to the target. As a result, in 1946 the USAF put out a proposal for a 'penetration fighter' that would have the needed range. North American answered the proposal by mating the standard F-86 Sabre flying surfaces to a much larger fuselage that would be able to carry the extra fuel needed. This meant that everything had to be strengthened so a dual main wheel undercarriage was developed and a more powerful Pratt & Whitney J-48 engine was installed.

The aircraft also included an SCR-720 radar set and was to be armed with 6 20mm cannon. This meant moving the engine intakes to the side of the fuselage to leave the nose clear for all that equipment. New NACA style semi-flush intakes were tried though this later proved to not supply enough air and more prominent intakes were later installed. The USAF ordered two prototypes to be called the F-86C. When a production order for 118 aircraft was made in 1948, the nomenclature was changed to F-93.

As often happens technology made great leaps and the bombers they were to escort, the B-47, proved to be fast enough not to need this additional protection so the F-93 production contract was cancelled. Despite this the prototypes were flown and provided the range and speed promised. It, along with its competitors, the XF-90 and XF-88 were then handed over to NACA for additional testing and the aircraft lasted until the late 1950s.


Those who have built or seen Anigrand kits will find this one to be no different from their more recent releases. Molded in tan resin, the parts have been removed from the large pour stubs, which makes it easier to clean up the parts. All the bits will need to have the mold flash removed at a minimum and others will need some additional work. Specifically this is due to air bubbles. I found that these were present in the ends of the tail planes, on some of the gear doors and on the nose gear. They will all be simple to repair with super glue or filler. The nose gear air bubble sliced through the upper oleo scissor so a replacement section of plastic card will be needed here. Gear doors are molded in the closed position so will have to be cut. The cockpit consists of a well detailed tub (undoubtedly pinched from a Fujimi kit) with a seat, control stick and instrument panel. Blanking plates are provided for the intakes.

The instruction sheet is a folded sheet of paper with a short history, photo, parts list and exploded view on one side with the decal and marking guide on the other. The decal sheet is well done and provides insignia and markings for one plane. This sheet was also used on the XF-90 kit as it includes markings for that plane as well. A pretty smart way of doing this really as these prototypes were basically insignia and serials. Anigrand decals work fairly well and you can use setting solutions on them if you should so desire.


I am finding that I'm building more and more of these kits. Anigrand is producing some excellent subjects and while these are not for beginners, kits like this YF-93 are basic enough for those who want to perhaps do their first full resin kit. It will allow them to develop skills that will open up a whole new area of model building. Not only that, but these prototypes are just plain cool to have on the shelf!

A big thank you to Nostalgic Plastic for providing the review kit. Order yours direct and pay no shipping in the US.

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