AMP 1/48 L-15 'Scout'

KIT #: 48016
PRICE: Around $50.00 delivered from Ukraine
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2021 tooling. Short run


The Boeing L-15 Scout or YL-15 was a small, piston engine liaison aircraft built by Boeing in very small numbers after World War II. It was a short take-off and landing (STOL) aircraft powered by a 125 hp Lycoming engine. The L-15 was an attempt by Boeing to expand its product line as World War II drew to a close, and Boeing's production of combat aircraft declined. Boeing decided against marketing the L-15 as a general aviation aircraft, and the twelve that were produced went to the United States Army for testing, then were transferred to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska for various duties. One flyable example exists in a museum.


AMP is one of a number or short run, low pressure mold companies in Ukraine. Thanks to these folks we are able to have kits of planes that the 'big boys' will not do. This L-15 is a prime example of that. Typical of many of these kits, this one relies on photo etch for some detail parts. It also includes a set of canopy masks, which is quite welcome as well as '3D' decals for the instrument panel and circuit breaker box.

The interior is very nicely done, as it should be with a kit that has all this 'glass'. One starts by building up the seats, then attaching the instrument panel to the windscreen and then attaching all the various bits to the interior frame work. This also includes the wing spars. These latter bits are then attached to each other to form the basic framework on which most of the other pieces are attached.

Then the interior is built up along with the tail boom. Wings and tailplanes are assembled and the wings attached along with the tail boom and the upper clear parts. It is then that the lower interior is glued in place. It is only now that the fuselage halves along with the windscreen and side windows are glued in place.

Then comes the landing gear and drop tank along with the rear clear parts and finally the tailplanes. The large flaps are held in place by tiny photo etch hinges. I do wish they had included plastic ones even if they'd be overscale.

Instructions are well done with the cover pages in full color. Markings are provided for one of the early test planes and the other is the plane in the museum. Though the color and markings guide does not provide any overall color information, both options are unpainted metal with a black nose anti-glare panel. Decals are nicely printed.


I like stuff like this, which is why I ordered one. Will it get built? Dunno, but if you have the skills for a short run kit that includes photo etch, then this is one that you can build.


June 2021

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