Your Scale 1/35 Wheels: 7.5-20 NDT tread pattern
FOR: A variety of wheeled kits
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin

This appears to be the first set of resin upgrade parts from Your Scale Models Kits of Ukraine. The set includes 12 superbly detailed resin wheel/tire combinations with accurately molded tread pattern and properly long wheel studs jutting from the wheel. Also included are six wheel hubs; four long for dualies and two short for the fronts. These also have stud detail on them, though if you are going to add the wheels, you will need to remove these. However, having them included allows for some dioramaoptions that are not possible with other sets or the kit parts. In my sample, the jostling of transportaion had broken many of the studs from the front hubs though the aft ones were pretty much intact as were all the ones on the wheels.

The set comes with instructions on use. One will need to drill the appropriate size hole for the axles as these wheels are designed for a number of different US and Soviet trucks from ICM, Italeri, Tamiya and Heller. I am sure you can get these to fit other company's similar products. To do the dualies, one simply removes the bolt pattern from one side of the wheel and joins them together. As you can see from the close-up of the hubs and a wheel, the molding is first rate. The mold seam on these wheels is along the circumference, making it easy to remove.

Since the set provides a dozen wheels, you have enough for one complete truck, including two spare tires.  Tell your local retailer to ask for these so the company can get in a goodly order and have the capital to produce other sets.

February 2012

Thanks to Your Scale Model Kits for the for the review set. Apparently at this time, they are just setting up their web site. You may wish to inquire

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