Yahu Models YML 3203: Sopwith Pup


1/32 Wingnut Wings kit




Scott Van Aken


color photo etch 

This next set from Yahu Models of Poland is for the Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Pup. This set is a bit different from their previous offerings. Instead of a complete instrument panel, this one consists of the individual instruments and their bezels. WWI planes were not known for complex instrument panels so this is really a good way to do this. Some of the instruments have two different bezels to fit atop them, providing some real depth. These instruments were usually a bit more pronounced than what you'd see later.

The set comes with complet information on exactly what goes where and how to assemble each one. Though not really for beginners, the addition of this set will really make your Pup's instrument panel come alive.

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Review copy courtesy of  Yahu Model. Find out where to get yours at this link. In the US, Roll Models carries the brand.

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