Yahu Models YMA 3201: Spitfire II


1/32 Revell kit




Scott Van Aken


color photo etch 

Yahu Models is based in Poland, but their products are available world-wide. This set is for the Revell 1/32 Spitfire II and, as you can see, is color photo etch. This is part of their 'Just Stick' series. This does not mean that it has a sticky backing, but that it is ready to install. Other sets provide just the instruments.

The set consists of a full color instrument panel with color dials, a large central bezel, the compass face, and three switches. The compass face will need to be installed on a small section of plastic rod. The packet contains instructions that will help you in setting this one up. It is a great idea to provide this sort of product to modelers and their inventory is expanding all the time. This one has already been set aside for installation in an upcoming project.

Review copy courtesy of  Yahu Model. Find out where to get yours at this link. In the US, Roll Models carries the brand.

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