KIT: XS Models 1/72 P-63 'Flying Red Horse' drop tanks
KIT #: 72003
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: resin

XS Models specializes in doing full resin and conversion sets to do a number of US air racers and record breaking aircraft.

This particular set is in 1/72 and is for the #30 P-63 "Flying Red Horse". This aircraft has clipped wing tips to provide greater speed and was used in the 1946 Bendix Trophy cross country race. In order to provide the needed range, two additional fuel tanks were added just under the wing tips. These tanks are nicely cast into a single piece so all one needs to do is to remove the sprue stubs and give them a bit of clean-up prior to use.

The instructions use photos to show just what needs to be done in order to prep the kit and do the modifications needed for this aircraft. The only kits that I know of in this scale are by Aoshima and by Toko (which may also have made the switch to Roden).

August 2005

My thanks to RacePlaneDecals for supplying the conversion set. Contact them via E-mail at for additional information.

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