KIT: XS Models 1/48 Corsair Drop Tank
KIT #: 48001
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Vac and resin

XS Models specializes in doing full resin and conversion sets to do a number of US air racers and record breaking aircraft.

One of their least complicated sets is for the FG-1D air racer 'Joe', which was numbered either 90 or 99, depending on what part of its career you are modeling. This set consists of two vacuformed drop tank halves and resin mounts. It is a simple job to build this and is just what is needed for the Corsair. Instructions are superbly printed in photo realistic diagrams that will take you step by step through the build process.

The FG-1D is the same as an F4U-1D and so you can use the Tamiya kit for this conversion.

August 2005

My thanks to RacePlaneDecals for supplying the conversion set. Contact them via E-mail at for additional information.

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