KIT: XS Models 1/32 Mustang #7 "Beguine" Conversion
KIT #: 32002
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: resin

XS models next conversion set is this one for the Revell 1/32 P-51B Mustang. It will allow you to make Mustang racer #7 'Beguine' as it flew in the Thompson Trophy races during 1948/49. This aircraft had been heavily modified by removing the oil cooler scoop from the belly and using wing tip mounted coolers as a replacement. It was felt that this would improve the speed of the aircraft for these races. Sadly, it was the crash of this aircraft in 1949 that put a halt to pylon air racing until revived in 1964.

This set provides the two wing tip pods (with splitter plates and with blanking plates [blanking plates not shown]. It also gives a fin fillet and a lower fuselage blanking plate for when the lower radiator is removed. Also provided are a prop with clipped blades as used in the 1948 race as well as the blades used in 1949. The quality of the resin parts is fairly good with the usual flash. The casting is relatively free of air bubbles, which is good. Some surface roughness on a couple of parts will have to be carefully sanded down.

The instructions are in both German and English, providing photos of the conversion process. Probably the most difficult part of the build will be finding a Revell 1/32 P-51B as it has been many years since it was last issued.

This is a rather extensive conversion and so would be one that I would not recommend as a first time shot, mainly because of the amount of plastic that has to be cut away from the fuselage. If you have done a few conversions, then you should find this no more difficult to do than others.

August 2005

My thanks to RacePlaneDecals for supplying the conversion set. Contact them via E-mail at for additional information.

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