Fix it WMF 48020: IAF AS.565 Panther Conversion Set




Kitty Hawk Dauphin 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

This next set from Wingman Models is a pretty intensive conversion kit. It is designed for the Kitty Hawk 1/48 Dauphin helicopter and includes everything you need to produce an Israeli Air Force "Atalef" helicopter.

The major part of the set are the resin sprues. There are a lot of them and as is usual with IsraCast parts, they are flawless. The list of what is provided is really too long, but it includes new doors and pretty much a whole new cabin with other bits for the cockpit and for the exterior, among the external parts being a nicely done FLIR pod and mount. To complement all these nice resin bits is a well done photo-etch sprue that provides a lot of detail pieces as well as the blades for the Fennestron.

There is also a set of masks to help with painting your helo. These include masks for the tail markings. This is accompanies by a very nicely done decal sheet that includes instrument and console faces as well as the usual external markings. There are sufficient numbers included to do any of the IAF's aircraft.

In all, it is a superb set and provides everything you need to build a first-rate conversion.

September 2014

 Available direct viathis link or from several on-line retailers such as Hannants and Lucky Model

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