Fix it WMF 48012 Matra 25 ED Retarded GP Bombs




Any applicable 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

This next item in Wingman Models' "Fix It" series of resin bits are these Matra retarded general purpose bombs. These are the 'Blallute' style of retarded bombs which means they had a small balloon pop out of the back of the bomb to help slow down their drop speed. These bombs were carried by a number of European jets including the Tornado, Alpha Jet, F-4F Phantom II and Jaguar to name a few. I wouldn't doubt that they can also be carried by more modern aircraft like the Rafale and perhaps the Typhoon. There are instructions included that show assembly and painting and while they show two different bombs, I cannot tell the difference. It is great to see these European weapons being made as they are going to be quite useful to modern jet builders. Available direct or from several on-line retailers.

January 2014

Review set courtesy of  Available from Squadron, Hannants, Lucky Model and Shop of Phantoms. 

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