Fix it WMF 48003: MK27 Gun Pod




Kinetic Alpha Jet 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

This next upgrade set from Wingan Models' "Fix It" line is the centerline gun pod carried by many of the operators of the Alpha Jet. This gave the aircraft something of a light attack capability if needed. It is designed for the Kinetic Alpha Jet, but will probably fit any other aircraft for which the seats are designed. The parts are superbly cast and while my set was missing the gun barrel (which had to have broken prior to packaging as the part was not in the sealed blister pack), the set is supposed to include this piece with its prominent muzzle brake. The main pod itself is in two pieces and includes mounting lugs. The set's instructions show you exactly where you need to drill holes on the kit. It is quite probable that this set will also fit the old ESCI kit if you happen to have one. Available direct or from several on-line retailers.

December 2013

Review set courtesy of  Available from Squadron, Hannants, Lucky Model and Shop of Phantoms. 

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