Fix it WMF 48028 1/48 Kfir/Nesher Air to Ground Armament Set




Any appropriate 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

This latest set from 'Fix it' is a weapons set for the Kfir/Nesher. There are a couple of kits of these two planes available so finding one should not be an issue. The set includes a Multiple Ejection Rack (MER), two fuselage mounted single bomb racks, seven two-piece bombs, two optional fuse types and a set of anti-sway braces for the MER. There is also a decal sheet for the bombs. Note that on the Nesher/Kfir, only five bombs were mounted on the MER, hence the inclusion of seven bombs. The resin is first rate and you get full assembly and installation instructions.

January 2015

Review set courtesy of  Available from Squadron, Hannants, Lucky Model and Shop of Phantoms. 

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