Fix it WMF 48022 1/48 BL-755 Cluster Bombs




Any appropriate 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

If you recall from yesterday, I reviewed the 1/32 scale set and this is the 1/48 version. The set includes four complete bombs (something I appreciate as I cannot seem to ever get the separate body/fin sets properly aligned) along with photo etch arming spinners and  small nose caps. The spinners will need to have the blades tweaked once removed from the fret. In all regards the casting on these is as superlative as on the larger set.

The set comes with two small decal sheets which are pretty much white lettering and stripes, so I did not include an image of it. There is a full color instruction sheet that shows were all the markings are to be applied and this includes photos of the actual bombs. The bombs themselves measure a bit over 2 inches in length.

From what I have read, the BL-755 series was recently removed from service with the RAF and is currently being deleted from inventory by the German Air Force. It is still in use by India, Iran and Serbia. This means you can use it on Tornados, Jaguars and some Russian equipment as well as perhaps Iranian Phantoms.  

January 2015

Review set courtesy of  Available from Squadron, Hannants, Lucky Model and Shop of Phantoms. 

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